Saturday, 2 May 2009

Ten of the best?

Man, that set of 10 sucked.
1. I shoved JJ for 13BB, was snapcalled by A5 and the inevitable happened.
2. I shoved over a guy who had been raising 20% of his hands with AJ and this time he had KK.
3. Some retard limpcalled for 1.5K with T6s and beat my AK, and then in the same game, having fought back, 44 < KJs obv.
4. Some guy who had started raising every hand at two tables raised, I shoved over with AK, and lucky me, he had KK. No ace obv.
5. I donked off a good second spot and ended up third when I rivered a straight and the other guy rivered a boat -- probably could have folded, but this guy was betting everything.
6. Called a shorty's desperation shove with 77, his A6 hit an A on the flop obv. Yes, you're right, this is yet another 70/30.
7. I outplayed a fishy tard heads up, called him down with top pair when he yet again bluffed off his chips, and watched in horror as he rivered a straight. Then he sucked out on me when he eventually called a shove.
8. I doubled up and then blinded down to 1.7K and when I finally picked up something I could shove, A9, the tight small blind woke up with KK. Obv. I don't crack big pairs, so no A for me.
9. With TT on a 744 flop, I shoved over a guy's donkbet, and another guy called. With 77.
10. I repopped a fish's raise with KK, and he called. Flop was all rags. I set him in. He was delighted to show me AA. (This is the hand I posted just now.) Luckily, I had 2.6K left and won the tourney.

Oh well. I played fucking well today and overall I was a big winner (I say big, but we're only playing $10ers with a couple of $20s thrown in because I'm moving up the scaredycat's way). It would have been nice to have won one of those 70/30s though. Never mind. The main thing is to play well. I played horribly in April and I'm still a bit gunshy, but I felt good about it today and being slightly timid is not as bad in a regular speed as it is in a turbo AFAIK. I'm feeling it's best for me to keep playing regular speeds. I don't have time to study ICM (or poker) to feel confident playing 16s and I hate playing on Tilt because every time I win a few bucks, I immediately have a terrible downswong. I have ups and downs in the regulars but I'm certain I beat the $10s and pretty sure I beat the $20s, which play about the same -- maybe a few less complete fools, but mostly bad players all the same. I have a bit of calling sickness though, and need to put that straight. It's one thing to call down with a marginal hand when the board is not too threatening, or even to snap off a bluff when the flush card comes (usually because villain just doesn't bet enough to convince -- if you're the kind of guy who would pot it or shove when you flush, betting small just screams that you don't have it), quite another to call when the other guy has gone small-small-big. If you always interpreted that line as bluffing-bluffing-got lucky, you probably wouldn't go far wrong.

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