Thursday, 7 May 2009

Genius in action

This is hilarious. Hellmuth explains that limping in UTG with KQs and 10 blinds is an advanced play. Us beginners should not try it, because we don't have the skillz. Apparently, we want to sucker our opponents into making a weak raise, which we will then call because we will read our opponent as weak.

The best is this:
Option number two is to make a standard raise of three times the big blind. This option is not a good one, but it does give you the chance to fold your hand when you're reraised, thus giving you a chance to save your last 4,600. But realistically, how often are you going to fold your K Q for 4,600 more when the pot already has roughly 8,500 in it? I would not recommend making this fold to an amateur player or an intermediate player.

But an advanced player will fold getting 2 to 1? GTFO you clown. That this guy has made a living from poker makes me want to stab him, me or both of us in the eye.

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