Wednesday, 1 October 2008

September results

My results this month shout at me, you are a fucking worm. And it's true, I am cowardly. I got the month off to a bad start and decided to do a lot of studying rather than playing. But what's the use of study if you don't get the experience to back it? So, yeah, another month with just about no volume.

You know what's frustrating? Maybe I'm a decent player. Maybe I could achieve my goals in poker. But I'll never fucking find out. Because I'll always find excuses not to play enough.


I played a grand total of 66 games at 37.1%. That broke down into:

42 12s on Tilt at 35.5%
11 $10 regulars on Stars and Tilt at 56.2%
4 6.5s on Tilt at -37.7%
9 $5 regulars on Titan at 45.5%

I played the fivers on Titan solely to meet the requirements for a year's free membership at Stoxpoker, which is an astonishingly good deal! I also played a double or nothing and cashed, but I don't track results of those in Tourney Manager (I played a dozen or so on PokerRoom and made a profit, but I didn't enjoy them much and I doubt you can make much money at them).

So I ran pretty hot, but I beat the $10 regulars pretty well imo and I'm thinking that I can beat the 12s decently too. I expect to move up to the 24s next month, and that's quite an exciting prospect.

So my goals for October will be much more modest. I'd just like to play more. I'm away for the last week and a half, and I have to help Mrs Zen get ready for me to be away, which will involve doing a ton of cooking, which is going to cut my spare time, but I have to start finding time or I'm never going to get the experience that I need.

Just for fun, here's my graph for September:

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boots sez:

Dude, how come you're so bipolar about poker? You're grinding out the percentage and whining every inch of the way, what's up with that?