Monday, 20 October 2008

October results

A little bit early but my poker month is now over, so why not?

And what a frustrating month!

I played:
10 regular 10ers at 6.4%
122 12 turbos at 22.2%
5 regular 20ers at 30.9%
53 24 turbos at -19.1%
2 36 turbos at -17.5%

So overall I played 214 games at 5.2%.

Am I really not good enough for the 24s? Well, I think I am, but I ran truly poorly and that caused me to tilt and play badly some of the time too. 50ish games is not many, enough that a few unlucky breaks can make all the difference. So I will now have a month off, more or less, do some study and hopefully beat them decently in December.


Anonymous said...

boots sez:

So in Jan when you're richer than Bill Gates can I still call you cuntie Zen?

I am unrelentingly certain that one of these days you will achieve true success and pennilessness, perhaps simultaneously.

If you're lucky.

isacsen said...

Very wise to take a month off, studying.

I've been prone to tilt lately, and I've discovered (really), that taking time off playing is the best I can do for my game.
Going back to books, watching some poker video's and just relaxing can do so much for your game.

Good luck! I'll look forward to read about your december winnings.

Father Luke said...

Been reading since I got home, about
a week ago. Then I've been playing small
tourneys, and I will continue until
I feel confident, and I am consistently winning.

Inhale, exhale. . .

Seems natural.

Fare well, mate.

- -
Father Luke