Saturday, 13 December 2008

A round dozen.

Make that 12 buyins.

I cannot fucking believe this.

I get in ahead, I lose. I push a decent hand, I run into not one but two bigger ones. A9 < A4, AJ < KT, blah blah. The last game, on the bubble, I call a desperation shove from shorty. He has 65. I have Q4.

Jeezus fuck. That's 150 bucks in about half an hour. I really need Tilt to switch off the doomswitch. I've now lost 19/20 in the 12s. My ROI has crashed through the floor.

This makes you think you're just not good enough. And maybe I'm not, hey?

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Tim said...

I'm in the same boat, and part of being good enough is still realizing your good even after you're getting slammed.
Hang in there, grab a book, watch a video, and try to regain your composure.
I'm working on taking my own advice after 22BI down.