Monday, 8 December 2008

Eight games of hell

Some days you need reserves of insouciance when you play poker. You get AK in on a K high flop, the other guy has K7 and rivers a 7. You get K3 in on a K3Q9 board, and the other guy has KQ. You shove over a limp at t100 with 650 chips with A7 and the limper's QJs catches. You shove AQ and some guy who has played 80% of his hands picks up AK. You shove A9 over the guy with the huge stack who's playing every hand, raising wide, and you run into QQ. Some retard shoves over your open with AQ with A7 and he flops a 7. You misclick/call with AQ, hit a Q high flop, bet pot, guy calls and pairs his kicker on the turn, busting you. Blind vs blind, you run A8s into AJ, hit your 8 and watch him river the J. In the end, you are left asking how many sick, horrible ways to lose there actually are. Well, obviously, the answer is going to be more than you could ever imagine.

Finally, some retard limped UTG and I shoved over with AQ. He has K8s and snapcalls. The loser is out, pretty much, because he covers me by 100 chips. His play is unbearably retarded. He did it because I told him to fuck off because he typed "is that your only move?" when I shoved over a limper. The flop is AK9, so not too bad. Turn and river are both 8s. I'd really like Stars to turn off the doomswitch because I just can't play much better than I am right now, but that was an eight-table session that cost me 50 bucks, more than four buyins.

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