Wednesday, 31 December 2008

December results

No matter how often I remind myself that playing low volume means you don't get to be excited by good results or upset by bad ones, I still get excited by good results and upset by bad ones. It was a mixed month, as far as that goes. I did okay at the $10 regulars, but I'm not sure whether I am successfully multitabling them (I had positive ROI 20-tabling but not so much that I was happy with it: but I only did maybe five sessions, which is far too few to draw conclusions).

So I played 220 11s at 13.1%, 12 12s at -100% (yes, that means I lost every buyin!), 8 16s at 5.5% (all the fun of STTs in two sets of four: ran hot for four, out of the money in the other four), 9 22s at -36% (I mixed a few in but ran like shit--I think I am able to beat them but I don't feel ready to move up to them permanently). I think I was happier with the notion of playing a decent sample at each level before moving up. I played 1K $5s, and I think I should play at least 1K $10s too (I'm somewhere around 800), and maybe the full 1K at the 6.5s

So all in all I played 249 at 3.7%. If I hadn't played at all on Tilt, I would have had a fine month--I have now lost 31 of my last 33 buyins there. I don't think I'm playing particularly well, and although I ran quite well in the first half of the month, I felt like I wasn't getting the run of it in the second half. It's hard to know though. Maybe playing too many tables of the $10s is enough to destroy my ROI? It doesn't feel like that was it, so I think I'll keep doing it, and reevaluate at the end of January maybe.

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