Wednesday, 24 December 2008

January goal

I am having the mother of torrid times on Tilt. I have cashed twice out of my last 32 games. So that sucks.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure about multitabling the 10ers. I'm winning but not much. I think I've just been running bad, but I can't be sure. I expect lower ROI at the

So I'm going to set goals for January and see how I go. 500 games at the 10 regulars, 20-24 tabling, 30 hours of SNG Wizard. Any more than that will be a bonus. I won't look at my results until the month is over. That should settle whether I can mass-multitable the 10ers. If I'm finding it easy enough, I'll step it up to 30 for February, and see what that brings.

I don't set monetary goals because I can't control that. I can set volume goals and just do my best. I'd like to run at 12% but who wouldn't?

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