Saturday, 30 August 2008

August results

I'm not likely to play more STTs before the end of this month because of work, so I guess the month is done for me.

I knew I wouldn't get much volume in, but 57 games was pathetic.

I played 9 5ers on PokerRoom for 1%, which sucked. I also played a bunch of Double or nothing tourneys and made a few bucks, but I don't think you can get a decent ROI in them.

I played 37 6.5s on Tilt for 43.7% and 12 12s for 20%. I'm using a Kelly bankroll on Tilt so I moved up after running hot for a few games. The 12s haven't seemed very tough to me. As usual in turbos, I feel underequipped because my knowledge of ICM is poor (it's not such an issue in regulars because you don't have to rely on it so heavily). I will stay in the 12s unless I drop ten buyins or gain about 30 buyins, which I hope is more likely.

So overall I averaged 31% for my 57 games. I know what you're thinking: if you ran that hot for 57, why not play 570? Well yeah, but when you run at 30% for a stretch, you know you'll be running at -10% for a stretch too, so...

Wrong thinking, obv. The point of playing a Kelly BR was to get away from caring about losing so much (by yo-yoing between levels, which puts less at stake psychologically, and allows the possibility of a hot month boosting me up a couple of levels and my maybe finding out that I'm good enough to play higher).

So in September, I do aim to play more. I'm aiming at 500 games and a lot of study. We'll see how close I get.

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