Monday, 30 March 2009

69 games of shame

So here's what happened to me today until I got sick of looking through my games:

I won.
I had another second
99 < AA
AJ < A8, AT < 99 (yeah, same game; lost half my stack to one tard, the rest to another)
shoved 98 on a QJ7 flop BvB, hoping I had some FE. No such luck. Other guy had Q7
A7 < 55
T3s < AQ BvB
I won
A7 < AQ
AK < 77
KT < QQ BvB (yes, twice)
TT < QQ (I probably could live without ever seeing TT again after those three games in a row)
AK < AT, shoving over a limper. She called off 12BB and hit a T on the flop
AA < KK (I'm not making this up)
KK < A8 retard called a raise pre, then shoved over my bet on the flop when it came 8 high. He turned an A obv. This was for 2K chips. I had bet 1K into a 1.2K pot and he shoved for the other 1K. Like I didn't have a pair of 8s beat! WTF. To make it worse, this was the bubble.
I won
AJs < A9. He actually flopped two 9s.
AK < TT, QQ < A5
I tilted off a buyin by calling down when I should have folded, then got QQ cracked just for fun
QQ got rivered after a guy called big bets on the flop and turn
K8 < A3, had to call one shortstacked
QQ < A8s (considering openfolding QQ now)
AJ < A9 (why not call off your stack when you are against me? And yeah, that's twice A9 sucked out on me)
Came second AK < QJ

Okay, so a fair few of those I got my money in behind. But that happens and you can reasonably expect to win a few of them. Reasonably is the key word. And AK is not far behind TT, obv. But I didn't win a race all day. So it's just really fucking unlucky to keep running pairs into bigger pairs. I thought I might have a decent day when first game I ran AJ into AQ and sucked out. But no. That was basically it for me. I'm sparing you all the pairs that just got outflopped. The only time I had QQ hold up, I flopped a set. I also flopped a set of Ks but no A to go with them, so couldn't bust anyone with it.

The last straw for me was stacking off with QQ against Mr12inch. This fuckwit minraised 77, called a big reraise, then led out 80 into a 600 pot. So the flop is 765 with two spades, and he can have quite a range of hands. But what he has is me beaten.

No, wait, there was worse. Get this. Some guy calls a big raise, and the flop comes JJT. I have QQ. I bet, he calls. The turn is another J. Well, I am not behind much, am I? It's hardly feasible that he should have the case jack, because wtf was he doing calling with it pre? Sigh: obviously QJ is a fine calling hand. Another guy stacked me on an AJJ flop with it.

So that's today. Let's hope it goes better tomorrow, eh?


nobody said...

"So that's today. Let's hope it goes better tomorrow, eh?"

I'm sorry but I'm somewhat dim, if it's all mechanistic why should it be any better or worse tomorrow? Did you learn something today, or is this kind of "hope" another form of "random chance"?

Dr Zen said...

I've told you many times. I'm not able to warp the fabric of the universe, so I have to rely on maths. Your constant bitching about that doesn't actually help, since you offer no alternative.

My "gut" doesn't deal the cards bro

nobody said...

"...I'm not able to warp the fabric of the universe, so I have to rely on maths."

If you want to get cheese, watch the mouse itself and get there first instead of concentrating on the turds it leaves behind, turds that you persist in calling "winnings".

"Your constant bitching about that doesn't actually help, since you offer no alternative."

Since you choose to interpret every alternative offered as "bitching" it makes sense to stop offering them.

As mum always says, "You're a smart boy, you'll figure it out."

Dr Zen said...

Erm. I thought the cheese was the "winnings". I'm not doing it as an intellectual exercise.

nobody said...

"I'm not doing it as an intellectual exercise."

Gambling is not a form of money-grubbing.
Gambling is not an intellectual exercise.

Gambling is a dance with a partner unseen, a dance with no fixed steps in which only grace and flow are important.