Tuesday, 30 June 2009


OMG. I didn't think it could get worse. But it did.

QQ < AK, obv. JJ < AK. I shoved A3s over a guy who was raising half his hands; this time he had JJ. I tilted and shoved AJs on a Q66x turn with two of my suit when the horrible fish had bet the flop; he had Q2 and his hand held up. I got blinded down and ran AJ on the button into KK in the BB. Snapcalled a 5BB shove at t200 blinds with 88, he had JJ and just to make it nice he flopped a set. I get it all in heads up with ATs vs A4, flop a pair and he rivers a straight. Got it in with 66 vs AT, flopped a set and he rivered the straight. Got it in with AT vs KQ, flopped an ace, turned a ten, rivered a J. Ran KQ into AK, hit my Q, he rivered a straight. Had 99 and TT cracked by single overcards. Three times, I'm not kidding, a shorty minraised my big blind when I had AJ, each time the other guy had KK. IN ONE SET.

To cap it off, in two hands at t600 on the bubble, I ran JT into AQ and KJ into AJ to bubble a 6K stack.

That's a set of 12. Nice. I was running great until today, playing really well and getting the reward. The reward's the only thing that changed.

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