Saturday, 31 January 2009

January results and February goal

So another month passes, and it's the same story: nothing like enough volume, but pretty successful for what I did.

I played 132 $10ers at 13.4%, which is a bit below expectation imo, but I didn't run very well at the end of the month. I'm also still not winning my fair share, so I need to look at my ITM play. I think I'm a bit tight with four and five players, so that I am always way too shortstacked ITM. I also mixed in ten $20ers at 22.7%. That's obviously a bit on the hot side, but they don't seem much tougher than the $10ers, and I'll be moving up permanently soon. I played 40 $16s at 3.4%. I really need a good run a the 16s. A couple of hundred games of runhot and I'll break 0 and start to feel good about them. I confess to using Juk's luck analyser, which shows that I'm running pretty badly, and I feel the cards have not broken for me at all: I haven't had my expectation of big cards, and what Juk doesn't show is the bad luck of having AQ on the button and running it into BB's AK, or getting outpaired preflop.

I also played 19 $10.40 double or nothings, which I don't count as STTs. I cashed in 12. I played 16 of them in one set, and it wasn't too hard. That's probably not sustainable, unfortunately. If it was, I'd be a professsional double or nothing player.

I did put in some work with Wiz. Maybe a bit short of what I wanted, but it was helpful. My goal for next month is to do three hours of poker activity a day, mostly study. I won't set a volume goal because that will come. I plan to study a lot now and then shift the balance when I feel I have acquired the skills I need. And I mean real study. Fucking about on the web won't count.

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