Friday, 28 September 2007


Bad week until today. Woot.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Final three of a two-dollar tourney on Stars. I am chip leader and I'm playing really well. Payouts are about 600, 300, 200.

I pick up JT and complete in the small blind. Three to the flop.

It flops Q98. I check, BB bets, button, who has been extremely lucky throughout, calls, I raise big. Button pushes.

Finally, I have him. I call quickly. He shows me AQ.

Turn Q, river 9.

You could not fucking make that up. I've been sucked out on lots of times in lots of ways, but that 20 to 1 shot cost me at least a hundred bucks. Oh well.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

On a freezer

Sometimes I just hate poker.

I am dealt T9 in the big blind. The flop comes Txx and I bet. Retard calls. Turn another T. I bet more, he calls again. River is an A. I figure he has been calling with Ace-something, so I check to induce the bluff. Sure enough, he bets fairly big. I call and he shows me AA.

So the guy let me draw out on him and then sucked out on me.

A couple of hands later, I limp on the button with 55. I probably should have raised but whatever. The flop comes 995. I bet fairly small, tard calls. He's loose enough to have just about anything here but I put him on the 9. I am hoping that I'm being put on a button robbery of the orphan pot. The turn is an 8. I bet again fairly big and he calls. The river is a 7. I bet once more, he raises all in. I am pot committed. Obviously, I hope he has the straight because it would just be too cruel for the same guy to suck out to a full house twice.

Now, I guess that you have days like that. Earlier, with QQ on a J high flop, I'd received two callers. The turn was another J. Oh well. I had too much money in to just give up, so I pushed. He had JJ. So in the next couple of games I get short and push over calls. Both times they call the push too, and have me dominated. Unreal. Then I push over a bet with TT, he calls and shows KQs. Of course he flops a Q. Then I push 88 over AK and he turns a K. Next AKs over QT, he calls, and rivers a Q. Don't ask who calls with that shit; he had a biggish stack and wanted to gambool. And just now, a shorty called a decent raise from KQ and we flop KQ9. Obviously I put him the rest of the way in. And he's delighted, because he called the raise with JT -- not even pushing, leaving himself 2BB -- and has me beaten.

So yeah, the tard has 97, of all the fucking hands. When you're cold, man, you freeze.